Raise Your Kids Right!

So I’m watching my show on Netflix, “The Secret Life of The American Teenager,” and I love it because it has real life experiences that any one could go through. Elder, Adult, Teenager… well anyway, this Adult on there who is a social worker and fosters kids was talking to her son about him being a jerk to his pregnant girlfriend. She said “You’re not gonna get any girl if you don’t treat your mom with respect… and that’s me.” And this got to me because I know so many guys that need this because the way you treat your mom is the way you’re gonna treat any girl you date. You disrespect your mom, you disrespect her. You abuse your mom, you abuse her. It’s also the moms fault to because it has to do with the way she raised her kid. If you didn’t teach him at young age what manners are or how to talk to you… than you have no one to blame but yourself for that. If you didn’t discipline him when he talked back or when he didn’t get what he wanted and threw a fit about it, it’s your fault he treats you and the girls he dates that way. I saw this post on Facebook and it was about this single mom who made her young 7 year old son do chores around the house to earn money and when he does earn it he takes his mom out on a “date” and his mom doesn’t pay, he does. She’s teaching him manners and how to treat a lady at a young age so when he gets older he won’t treat them the way her husband treated her. You don’t reward kids for there bad behavior. They think it’s okay and continue to do it thinking they’ll get rewarded everytime they do it. You gotta teach your kids good from wrong at a young age because when they get older it’s a slower process to teach them that… as my human anatomy teacher says. Think about this… the way your husband, boyfriend, ex husband, ex boyfriend, whatever, treats you, is it the way you want your son to treat other females… if not than you need to leave. When I have a daughter I don’t want her crying in her room at night because your son wasn’t raised right. Think before you do! Now Ethan, the guy in the show, his foster mom raised him right, he has these bad qualities because of the way he was raised before he arrived at his foster family. I’m not saying parents don’t raise there kids right. I’m just saying, if you don’t raise your kid to respect you than he won’t respect anyone.


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