Think About It!

FYI, this may be long but if it is, it will totally be worth it, and just know it took me forever to write, and sorry for any typos because I have these cute fake nails on from prom. 😭😍 Anyway, to the story. I’m so into my emotions right now. I decided I’d watch a movie on netflix since I can’t watch my show because me and my parents are watching it together, now, that they have caught up to me. I was just scrolling through the trending and popular on netflix when I clicked on something and found a movie named ‘Natural Selection’. To be honest I didn’t know what it was going to be about. Obviously I knew not animals because of the cover of it. I didn’t even know what natural selection was. I still don’t even though it said what it was in the movie and I just looked it up not even a minute ago. The movie answered a question that most people ask themselves everyday, “Why am I here?” Most people will say because “God put you here” or because of “evolution” and while those are good answers it’s not why you are here? You are here to ‘love’. Now I know you may be asking yourself “What in the world is she saying?” But have you actually sat down and thought about it. That movie sure made me. It made me realize how messed up our world is and how easily we take everything around us for granted and how easily we believe people. I have this video saved to my phone. It’s this girl talking about how everyone in life has to go through a heartbreak before they can really experience life. It is true. Now a heartbreak can be from anyone. Your mom, dad, sister, brother, boyfriend, girlfriend, aunt, uncle, anyone. It’s just that part of you that will make you stronger. Now back to the movie. Think about the time when you felt that heartbreak. Take away the crying from it. Now imagine yourself like that everyday. Heartbroken everyday without tears. You are a monster. That’s what we live for. Not the monster, but what you become after that. We live for love because without it we are nothing. Now like I said above with the heartbreak, the love can be for anyone not just for a significant other or for even family it can be for yourself. Like someone once said you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else. The movie showed how without love we lose our minds and go crazy and do stupid stuff. Also, how we all are bound to die one day. It’s all about how we live life while we are here? What we do with it til that day comes? How one loves another or themself? If we don’t love each other or thyself the world is gonna go down real quick. We all are put on earth for a reason. It’s to love someone and that can be anyone. Cherish the moments you have left because you never know when the person you are meant to love might die. You could be next. 😓Think about it. I love you.


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