Healthy Eating?

So there is this thing going around on how to tell if you actually hungry or just bored and wanting to snack. Ask yourself “Would I eat an apple?” Or anything healthy. 😂 Those things just don’t work for me because I would eat an apple, a banana, celery, etc. When I’m bored and I […]

Raise Your Kids Right!

So I’m watching my show on Netflix, “The Secret Life of The American Teenager,” and I love it because it has real life experiences that any one could go through. Elder, Adult, Teenager… well anyway, this Adult on there who is a social worker and fosters kids was talking to her son about him being […]

Think About It!

FYI, this may be long but if it is, it will totally be worth it, and just know it took me forever to write, and sorry for any typos because I have these cute fake nails on from prom. 😭😍 Anyway, to the story. I’m so into my emotions right now. I decided I’d watch […]